Channelled Art

Vibrational Frequencies

When the Angels and Animals first started coming to me asking to be painted, I did not know why, but I followed my guidance and started to paint. I now know they were wanting their Divinity, Purity, Strength, LOVE, and much more to be brought through for all to see. But most importantly they wanted to offer you a REFLECTION of You!

Each painting that you are drawn to is telling you something about you.

The paintings hold energetic frequencies that are specific for each person who sees them. Different people have different responses depending on their own personal journey.

If you are drawn to a specific painting, I recommend meditating on that painting and let the energy reveal more to you. Having the art work in your personal energetic environment is beneficial. On a bedroom wall near to where you are sleeping can aid with intel coming through in your dreamtime.

The more you connect with a painting the more information you will receive as your awareness expands and you start to open up to your own gifts of channelling and intuition.

When I paint, I am clearly shown a visual of the Angel, animal, bird, tree, flower etc….and while I am painting I am connected to the subject and channel. Sometimes I am literally guided to do a brush stroke here and then another one over there.

All of the Angels and animals I paint I have met personally in physical form or spirit form, and it is their energy that directs the painting and how the wish to be depicted.


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