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(If you feel like hosting a Faerie Circle,

do contact me) 

Live Zoom Call (recorded)
2nd Thursday of every month 16.00pm-18.00pm UK/GMT

– Next Circle April 13th 2023 –

Online via Zoom - This event is now Closed. a recording is available, contact fiona Paul

”A Deep Immersion into LOVE” Workshop with the Angelic Realm and the Fey Kingdom – Anchoring Heaven and Earth into the Divine Human Heart”

Sunday 12th February 2023   

4pm – 7pm UK 

Price £22

(This event will be recorded if you unable to attend live)

I am being urged by the Angelic Realm and the Fey Kingdom to hold a deep immersion into LOVE workshop ♥️

They are specific that it is to be called a LOVE workshop.

I will be channelling the Angelic Realm, and the Fey nature Kingdom as we dive deep into the True essence of you. The frequencies will be high as I bring through the Angels and the Fey, as they integrate their Love with yours.
The Angelic realm showed me Golden filament’s of light coming down through my crown into my Heart Chakra. As this golden light swirled in my heart, the Fey flew in with a most powerful energy, bringing in the essence of moss and soil, and the power of Gaia up my legs, through my torso into my heart. The moment these two energies touched (Angelic and Fey), an explosion of White Light radiated out from my heart creating a whole Unification/integration of the All.
… and then there was ”Peace”
I heard the words – ”Anchoring Heaven and Earth into the Divine Human Heart” ♥️
This will be a deep immersion and expansion into your Truth, into your Heart “Knowing Thy Self” – your unique signature frequency.
How to maintain, radiate, and expand this frequency into becoming All that you intended to be ♥️
… and also be a Light so that others may see.





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’Acknowledging who you really are brings a new sense of Peace, Ease, Confidence and Self LOVE’’

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