Energy Alchemy

raising your vibration into the wholeness of you……

Energy Alchemy with the Angels & Ascended Masters

Wholeness, Health, Love, Joy, Peace – harmonising and balancing the Mind, Body and Soul…

This is the most wonderful opportunity to connect with the ‘Higher Beings’ of Love. Allowing them to raise your vibration, bringing you back into your Wholeness, Health, Love, Joy, and Peace.

The Angelic Realm introduced themselves to me over 20 years ago, and it is now, by their request, that I bring through their High Vibrations of Divine Love, for you to experience, and ‘’Remember” these Divine frequencies…

…for they are the Truth of you!

I combine Rahanni Celestial Healing, with intuitive guidance from my Angelic friends, and Ascended Master Guides. Holding their frequency, I see everyone as pure Love, whole, complete, and in total health and wellbeing. This allows you, your body, cells and consciousness to remember, and perceive the truth of your infinite wellbeing. Bring you back into alignment with the truth of you.

In person or distant

Please contact Fiona:

”I found my happy place again!”

”Thank you Fiona, when I came to you I was feeling lost, unhappy, and I just couldn’t seem to find my ‘Happy place’. Well, the healing energy flowing through me was amazing – I couldn’t tell which hands were yours as it felt like there were so many hands on me! Ever since this wonderful session I have felt so peaceful, and back in my Happy place again – Thank you so much”.  

”I had energy running up and down my body!”

”Like most of us, we are always in a hurry, but as soon as I lay on the healing bed, Fiona’s gentle words relaxed me, and I could allow the energy to flow. When the session finished, I asked her what she had been doing as I could feel this energy running up and down my body. She said it wasn’t her, it was the Angels dissolving all that wasn’t serving me for my highest good. This allowed their Love to flow through me, bringing me back to my wholeness! – thank you Fiona and the Angels, I feel very different – Peaceful”.

”I feel So much better, more positive”

”When I arrived for the healing I felt really, really lost, worried about all the wars and sad things happening in the world. As soon as I laid on the bed my body relaxed, and I felt so glad to be giving myself this time. I don’t remember much, except that Fiona’s hands were very hot and I felt very peaceful. At the end, Fiona’s kind words really helped me focus on what I want in my life. I feel So much better, more positive. I will certainly be seeing Fiona and the Angels again!”

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