Learn how to channel

private one on one sessions…


Learn how to Channel

Held via zoom

4 x 1 hour



Love is the frequency key that connects you to the Angels, Animals and your guides… for this is where they reside.

If you are feeling drawn to channelling it is your Guides and your Higher Self gently nudging you to connect with them and find out more about who You truly are, and your potential in this lifetime. 

I will show you what is the most natural way for you channel and communicate, and how you already are – you just don’t realise it!

I will guide you how to send and receive, setting up a seamless 2-way communication between and your Guides and Angelic family.

You will learn to recognise how you receive throughout your day, in all its forms, expanding your world beyond what you currently know it to be. 

In this expansion you will see and experience new opportunities and potentials that will lead you into the life of abundant Love, joy, laughter and freedom… for this is where they reside!

– Become your own channel for Divine Wisdom. 


”My sessions with Fiona have lead me back to the truth of who I am. This has given me confident and a new inner peace. I am now able to communicate with my higher-self and my guides whenever I need to!” Thank you, Liz UK

” Learning to channel with Fiona has been life changing for me. It has expanded my world in so many ways. One of the most special is communicating with my Mother. She passed over 4 years ago, and now, after Fiona’s guidance, I communicate with her every day. She is one of my closest guides. I also now bring through messages for friends and family – it is such a blessing!” Jo UK

These sessions can be a profound experience...

”My Divinely lead experience with Fiona Paul went far beyond my intention of learning to channel – I was absolutely naturally high on the experience, and I know I will never be the same.  Every inspired word that I received was what I needed and wanted to hear. The Divine Angelic Frequencies she allowed to flow through her brought me the gift of knowing that instead of seeking to create masterpieces – that I am the masterpiece! I have been repeatedly listening to the recording since the session and feel the Truth, the Energy and the Frequencies that were expertly created! I’m so deeply appreciative of the magnificent gifts I received!  Thank you, Fiona!”

Ellen USA

” The message that came through blew me away, I felt every single word resonate throughout my entire body” Cath UK

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