On-Line Faerie Circle

receive divine wisdom from the Fae…!

Meet ''Tulle'' Tallulah of the Fae!

Faerie Circles are not being held at this current time

”Tulle” is extremely High Vibration, as many of you have seen when I channel her!

I have the absolute Joy to channel the Faerie Realm, and the Wisdom they bring through for humanity.
I channel Tulle (Tallulah), Free (Freeya), Jez (Jeremy), Eric (Eric) and Ed-Wood (The Tree Consciousness).
Tulle seems to be the spokes person most of the time. She is extremely high vibration, and full of wisdom for humanity. Tulle, and the others including Ed-Wood, the tree consciousness, take us on a journey into our multidimensional selves, expanding our awareness, and consciousness – into the truth who we really are.
We also have a wonderful Q&A where you can ask Tulle and Ed-Wood questions. Tulle loves you to ask her questions about who you really are, and all things Fae!
We do guided journeys and visualisations, and share our creations and realisations.
 – stepping into the Magick of the Fae!

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