Blossom and the Bovine Collective


(The vertical watermark ‘Fiona Paul’ will not be on the ordered print)

Meet Fun loving, Joy Filled ‘Blossom’ who has been an Absolute JOY to paint!

I met her in the summer of 2019 on the Isle of Iona, Scotland.

It was a brief meeting, with her standing by the fence, but over the coming months she has kept her presence close, standing in the background as I painted the other animals.

When it was her turn to be painted she stepped forward with all the sassiness of a catwalk model!

She has been extremely clear on how she wanted herself to be painted, and the Bovine collective to be portrayed. They may not all want roses and jewellery, but they have attitude, fun, play and LOVE at their core.

Blossom told me she wanted LOTS of flowers and butterflies, plus a Sapphire on her third eye. I asked what colour was Sapphire and she said blue. I’m not too up on my jewels so I looked it up and there I saw a beautiful Blue Sapphire. She then got all sassy like a teenager and wiggled saying “See, told you so!” – I laughed!

She also wanted Pearls – she said she ‘IS’ the Pearl – everyone ‘IS’ The Pearl.

If you feel drawn to do so, Blossom invites you to feel into her energy, into her vibration. Allow yourself to meld with her – feel the Joy, feel the Fun, feel the Laughter – and feel her LOVE.

Let yourself go – allow, allow yourself to expand more and more into the feelings of Joy, Fun, Laughter and Love – for this IS what you ARE, what your Soul desires.

Be this, Allow this and watch your life, your world – Change.

Blossom and All the Animal Kingdoms are here to show us what we are seeking, and what we are seeking we already Are, if we allow it to Be.

We ARE Love and every single one of us wants Love, to be Loved and to give Love – everyone. Even those who you may think are playing a different role. Ultimately, they are source, they are Love.

Be Love and give Love.

Love and Blessings to you All from Blossom and the Bovine Collective


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