Divine ‘Human’ Goddess


(The vertical watermark ‘Fiona Paul’ will not be on the ordered print)
The Angelic Realm filled my room with their exquisite energy.
As I lay there in awe and wonder I allowed myself to totally surrender into this Divine frequency.
For what seemed like an hour I was in another realm and felt as if my body was levitating.
Totally in this blissful state I heard and saw the next paintings they wanted me to create. These were to be Gods and Goddesses, but not the ones we know from our history.
These were to be HUMAN Gods and Goddesses ❤
After seeing these images and acknowledging their request, the energy gently decreased, but I could not sleep.
Every cell in my body was moving and re-calibrating to the Divine upgrade I had just received.
WOW, what an experience!
This is the first Human I have painted as it is usually animals that request to be painted (there is a Sloth that is waiting in the wings!)
I hope you feel the serenity of the Divine Human here, as the hummingbirds create rainbows in her hair ❤
Many blessings to you All from myself and the Angelic Realm

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