‘Kimber’ – Elephant Consciousness


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This Magnificent Elephant represents the Elephant Consciousness.

‘Kimber’ came to me in spirit 3 times during 2019 calling me to South Africa – I arrived in November 2019.

On my second day out in Tembe Elephant Park in an open-sided jeep, we turned a corner and there to my left stood ‘Kimber’. I was sat at the back of jeep on the left side, so when we pulled to a stop ‘Kimber’ was directly by my side, standing only a few feet away. 

It was an usual place for an Elephant to be standing by himself. 

I asked ‘What are you doing here?’ and he said ‘Waiting.’

I laughed, for I ‘Knew’ with an Absolute ‘Knowing’ that this Elephant was the physical representation of the Elephant that had come to me in spirit. Although I could see him in the physical, I could also ‘see and feel’ him as part of the Elephant Consciousness. 

Kimber and I immediately went into a fixed trance like state where all time and space stood still, as if the two of us were in our own energetic world. This felt like it lasted for about 10 minutes. At the end Kimber did a sudden drop of his left shoulder to break the connection and then he gently walked away. 

I just sat there unable to speak or move as I tried to orientate myself back into the reality of this world.  

I am deeply grateful to Kimber and the Elephant Kingdom/Consciousness for calling me to South Africa. 

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