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Lion message – ”You are Sovereign”

I met this Lion in South Africa in November 2019 when I was on a short 3 day safari having been called to South Africa by an Elephant who had come to me in spirit form three times that year.

On this day I was in the back of an open sided touring jeep when we came across a pride of Lions. This Lion you see here stared right at me and we had a transfixed tranced like experience for a few minutes where all time and energy stood still.

The following day I flew home to the UK, but I could still clearly feel his energy very strongly behind me. Shortly after that I started to channel messages from him. This is when I first started to channel and He called himself RA. This relationship has changed/morphed into The Lion Consciousness and they have specific messages for whomever is having a session that day.

When I started to paint this Lion, a Female White Lion energetically came out of the canvas towards me and looked at me with very kind, loving smiling eyes. I thought this painting was going to be of a White Lion, but I was clearly shown to paint the colours you see here, and a balance of both Masculine and Feminine.

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