(The vertical watermark ‘Fiona Paul’ will not be on the ordered print)
Divine Embrace”
I was actually shown this scene approximately 8 years ago.
I was this mermaid dancing in the water when this merman swam up and took hold of me in this Divine embrace <3
As our hearts connected, the oyster below opened, revealing it’s very large pearl.
And, as our love for each other grew and grew the pearl started releasing the smaller pearls that circled around us <3
What the painting doesn’t show is the merman dived down, picked up the large pearl, swam back up and gifted it to me <3 <3 <3
I was inspired to paint this scene all these years later by attending an art workshop with the famous Patrick Gamble.
Many blessings to all you lovers of Mermaids and Mermen :))

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