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This is a painting given to me by the Angelic Realm.
At 1.30am, I was woken by the Angels.
I was lying on my back with my arms by my side, the energy in my room was serene and loving, but felt a little different from their normal visits – it had more clarity and detail. (It is difficult to describe energy in our language terms).
Just to say, the Angelic Realm are always close by at any time of day to give guidance to me or others, but at night when they wake me I know that they really want me to ‘Know’ something – taking me deeper on my journey.
Slowly my arms lifted and my hands were placed on my heart. Gently the energy shifted and changed frequency and my bed disappeared!
Now floating in this same position, I saw folded behind my back, the full-length of my body – A pair of Pure White Wings, with delicate soft tendrils touching my ankles.
The Angels immediately rejoiced when I Realised they were showing me ‘My Wings’! 🧡
Then, instantly I was drawn deep into the feathers and shown the energy running through each fibre, detailing the significance of The Power, The Knowledge and The Wisdom our Wings hold.
Slowly I was moved up out of the feathers and there floating in front of me were 3 paintings I was to paint.
As guided to do so – on November 30th 2021 I posted onto the World Wide Web via Facebook – REMEMBERING.
On the 26th December 2021 I posted RESURRECTION, and on the 2nd January 2022 I posted REUNION.
As I have said before, the Angelic Realm is just one aspect of our True Selves, but Oh how truly Glorious it is – So, so Full of LOVE.
We are connected to them and they Are connected to us – there is no separation. We are always connected to this Divine LOVE, it is the Truth of who we Are 🧡
Wishing you All so much JOY as we move into the unfurlment of the Magic within!
Blessings, blessings, blessings to you All 🧡
From The Angelic Realm and I
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Fiona Paul © Copyright 2021. Created by PixiDesign.

’Acknowledging who you really are brings a new sense of Peace, Ease, Confidence and Self LOVE’’

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