Sloth Wisdom


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What a Joy to have a visit from a Sloth!
I must say I was quite surprised when a Sloth showed up in my bedroom early one morning – I did do a double take and said ”Is that a Sloth I am seeing??”
When I get a ‘Vision’, an ‘Image’ I know I am being shown it for a reason.
I come out of the Vision and go back in to double check the clarity and connection, with the intention to read more into it and ask why it is showing itself to me; this then sets up a dialogue.
Immediately, I ”Feel” the energy, and with this Sloth it was Ancient,
Ancient Wisdom!
I held the energy and read more into it, going deeper into the connection – I could feel the depth, strength and vastness of this Divine creature – realising that there was far more to the Sloth than meets the eye!
As I went to gleam more information I was instantly ‘held still’ to experience the foundation of this Wisdom.
In the ‘Stillness’ I was drawn into the Sloth – I could feel his slow heartbeat, the slow pace of his blood, his gentle slow breath, and ultimately how ‘PEACEFUL’ and ‘Quiet’ the whole experience was.
As I held this experience falling deeper into this divine sensation, the Sloth showed me an image of a calendar with every day filled to the max. He made me aware of how conditioned we are to utilize every second, every moment – filling any ‘Empty Space’, with what we call ‘making the Most of every moment.’
His message was crystal clear – ”We are Missing the Moment!”
It is ‘In the moment’ that you are ALL that you can BE.
It is ‘In the moment’ that you have ability to connect with all you survey.
It is ‘In the moment’ that you are ‘One with Self’ conscious of who you Truly are, conscious of your Potential!
And it was ‘In that moment’, ‘In that Awareness’ that the Sloth, in a flash of bright white light EXPLODED and EXPANDED into the Multiverse and beyond…!!!
It is difficult to articulate the feeling, sensation, vastness of expansion that I was witnessing, and the depth at which the Sloth wished to convey the magnitude of his message.
Many people say they ‘feel alone’, don’t want to feel ‘isolated’.
In this extraordinary communication the Sloth conveyed, it is in the ‘Stillness’, ‘Quietness’, ‘Peace’ that you connect to YOU!
It is You, connecting to YOU that gives You the Infinite Awareness that You are Infinite, connected to everything, VAST beyond comprehension.
The realisation that it is impossible to be alone or isolated.
YOU Are Source, the Divine connecting to Source and all of Divinity.
‘Knowing Thy Self’ is knowing how powerful you are. You choose your life and how you want to live it. Allow yourself to connect to the vastness of Yourself…. step into your Truth.
…Treasure the moments!


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