Stag Consciousness


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One early morning walk I had stopped to listen to a beautiful bird singing in full voice his melodic new dawn song. As I stood there absorbed in the moment, I became aware of the feeling of being watched. I turned and looked up the gentle bank to my right and there stood a large Stag with broad shoulders and impressive antlers looking directly at me.

I Immediately felt honoured to be witnessed by such a Majestic Being and turned towards him opening my heart and pulsing my Love to him – declaring to him who I was, so he could read my energy clearly, in doing so an energetic connection was made and clearly felt between us. His attention did not faulter.  After a few moments I asked him who he was, he did not reply with words, but he replied with FEELINGS. He pulsed to me his Majesty, Nobility, Courage, Sovereignty, Calmness, Peace, Self-Knowing and LOVE. All of this came to me in an instant and a Truth that he Knew exactly who he was.

I ‘Bowed’ my energy in deep respect and recognition that I SAW him and recognised him as these honourable qualities. For a few minutes we both stood there transfixed in our own world of LOVE devoid of space and time. Slowly the energy between us began to fade as the communication and delivery had been achieved. With that the Stag turned to his left and gently walked away.

I believe this encounter and the other Animal encounters I have had are pre-ordained, mapped out as part of my life’s journey to open me up and activate awakenings and remembering’s of who I am and why I am here at this time. I believe we All have these pre-ordained ‘Moments’ along our life’s path to open us up. It is my Joy to paint these Beautiful animals and pass on to you the frequencies to assist you on your journey.

If you feel drawn to do so, connect with this Majestic Being and allow him to take you on a journey, a deep connection that may well reveal to you new Truths about you that are as yet, unknown……

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