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Horses have been a big part of my life and I was clearly shown that the horse to be painted was to be an Arabian, white or palomino in colour with very Blue eyes. In fact I was shown the blue eyes flashing to emphasise the importance of the blue.

I was also shown white feathers in the mane to depict the Angelic Energy that is in All horses and also to paint the energy flow from the Third eye.

During my time working with horses they clearly showed me this energy flow from their third eye, which is what I think is often depicted in illustrations of Unicorns. I have not as yet, seen it solid.

Horses would show me that the combination of their hearts and their third eye is how they scan their environment and the energies that they interact with, including people.

They are Masters of Energy here to show us Authenticity and Pure LOVE

I do not always know why I am shown the particular features I am to paint, but I do know that our Higher Selves, or the Grander aspects of us know exactly why. Our job is to simply follow the guidance with ease and grace…..and let life flow.


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