The Quantum Healing Journey

communicating with your Higher Self……

Guidance, Wisdom & Clarity

Communicate directly with your Higher Self and receive the divine wisdom that is waiting for you!

Your Higher Self is the grander aspect of you that resides just outside of your physical body, seamlessly connected to you – radiating the purest white Light. I see it standing behind the physical body. The Higher Self is also connected to the infinite Quantum Field/Source where All wisdom and knowledge is held.

Whispering in your ear, your Higher Self has always been guiding you, but if you are not aware or able to hear it, much of this guidance goes unnoticed.

It is during the Quantum Healing Journey that you can communicate directly with it, and hear the Divine Wisdom that is here for you.

Through my words and frequency, you will be gently guided into a light mediative brainwave state (Theta) and become very relaxed. I will begin asking you specific questions that will bring through your Higher Self.

During your journey, your Higher Self will show you scenes that are relevant for you to know at this time. You will gain information and understanding as to your meaning and purpose in this current life, receive clarity on the gifts you hold, and transmute dense energy that no longer serves you.

Approximately 75mins
(If travel is involved there will be an additional cost)

On-Line via zoom
Approximately 75mins
A very good internet connection is required

An Incredible Session!

”I would like to share the most incredible session of quantum Healing I had with Fiona Paul. Fiona made me feel totally relax and comfortable in her company. During my journey I connected and felt what it was like to be different things. I felt like I embodied a massive oak tree. The sensation of having roots growing deep into the ground and giant bowers reaching up into the sky. The sensation was something I could not have imagined. My tree energy was so easily connected to the sun, moon and stars. At one with everything – breath taking! When I focused my energy back to earth, I found myself in a healing room with my Mumma who had died in 2017. It was a heart-warming meeting where she held me and loved me. She was a adept homeopath, and relayed information about homeopathic remedies and colours to help all of my large family. It was a beautiful experience and listening back to the recording I was amazed by the detail – I can’t wait for my next session! Fiona, you have a marvellous skill, Thank you” – Jo UK

I have never gone so deep!

”My Quantum Healing Journey session with Fiona was amazing!

I’ve honestly never gone so deep into relaxation. My experience felt very real and the journey was beautiful – totally expanded into my multidimensional self. Fiona is very confidant in holding the space for whatever comes up during the session. I felt I was in very safe hands indeed!” – Glynis UK

Very Powerful!

”I have listened again to the recording of the Quantum Healing Journey – it is fascinating and very powerful for me to remember all that I had experienced. You were very much with me and led me to a space of higher consciousness that I really need to remember, while I live here in this body of mine. This is all very new to me, and it feels uncomfortable at times when I realise that the truth is the truth. You held me very well and bought me back slowly and lovingly, which is something I love about you – the love you give out!

I felt it had a lot of powerful eye openers, and things that I am still allowing to sink in. Thank you again for coming to see me and allowing me to have this experience.” –  Jacquie UK

On Top of the World!

”I am feeling on Top of the World after my Quantum Healing Journey with Fiona.

It was ‘Out of this World’ totally expanding, heart opening, and Loving! All my fears have dissolved, now that I have felt and ‘Know’ the totality of me. Everything feels quite different, soft, peaceful, relaxed. What I saw and integrated was far, far beyond anything I could have expected. Talking to people about my experience, some have even sent me articles from the Hopi prophies, this is what I experienced! – it is all so Divine and expanding! Thank you Fiona” – Wendy UK

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