A private one on one session with Fiona Paul

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1 x 1 hour


3 x 1 hour


5 x 1 hour


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Every session with Fiona Paul is personal and unique to you.

Th energies and frequencies that flow through me to you in each session are of profound LOVE. I channel the Guidance and Wisdom from a team that is working with me and you on that day. I will describe what is happening and what I am being shown visually, and what I am being directed to tell you. Each session is to bring you into the REALISATION of just how DIVINE you are, and how You are in Total control of your Energy and your Reality. I ask for you to bring with you your intentions for the session and be open to the flow of guidance.

Energetically these sessions can be very powerful and people often feel the need to sleep afterward, so do bare this in mind when booking. Also, to aid the integration of the frequencies I advise you to drink plenty of water during and after the session.

Be gentle on yourself and allow the integration to flow effortlessly.

These sessions can be profound and you may experience:

'' Dear Fiona, I really appreciate you and the powerful messages and energy you bring through in our sessions - just WOW! ''

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Photograph taken while learning to play the harp on this, the most tranquil Isle of Iona, off the west coast of Scotland. 

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