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“I am very grateful that our paths have crossed, our session was uplifting and illuminating. I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful soul and her gifts. ”

Written Testimonials
Wonderful and SO Powerful!
Well, what can I say?! Wow, your/our session has worked so well – you’re MAGIC at what you do! Definitely feel like things have shifted! It was an amazing time with you and I’m still on cloud 9, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! It was so thoroughly wonderful and SO powerful! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gifts and time. Lesley xx
Lesley K-Gannon
We are Divine Human Beings
I had hit a rough patch and wasn't sure what I was missing. Fiona helped me to spot what I didn't see and that it wasn't anything I was doing wrong. For me I just didn't see how far I had come and that I didn't need to process more - I needed to literally look myself in the eye to see myself for who I am. I needed to acknowledge how far I had come. Fiona is the one to up the mirror to show you your beauty and that there is nothing to be fixed or sorted. We are Divine Human Beings worthy of every step we take. Thanks so much Fiona!
my heart burst open yet again
Fiona is very down to earth and immediately puts you at ease, it’s just like hooking up with an old friend. Fiona mentioned that there was someone waiting to come through to connect with me. It was a friend who had passed suddenly last year, we had a very strong connection, like sisters that had lived many life time’s together, we had a bond so strong like nothing I have ever experienced before. When she came through, I knew it was her instantly, the way she spoke and the message I received resonated through every fibre of my being. . . it was a confirmation of everything I had been feeling about her. . . tears ensued and my heart burst open yet again. I am very grateful that our paths have crossed, our session was uplifting and illuminating. I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful soul and her gifts. Fiona is wonderful and pure of heart''.
Pure Channel
When you have a session with Fiona you come into the most beautiful profound love, I felt held throughout the session. Fiona has this lovely kind loving way of working with you as guides you. When she brought in the Elephants who had been waiting to speak with me for a couple of days before the session began, it was both humbling and very moving as I listened to every word of wisdom and guidance from these beautiful animals. It is something that I will never forget. Thank you, Fiona it’s helped me so much, more than I can say, you really are an amazing lady and a pure channel. With very much love Janet, Namaste
Janet Haas
amazing gift of empowerment
Hello gorgeous Fi, I just want to say a massive thank you for the most beautiful and powerful session. Oh my, since then I have felt so connected to my core, really shifting my perspective and vibration - seeing my own inner beauty and joy once again and attuning to it like the wind playing the leaves, which resonate within me like a vibrating harp string. I have also been making my own sound like the conch shell, until I find the physical shell for me. Another thing, I’ve just ordered the liquid Chlorophyll and am about to start painting........one painting featuring the leaf and the water drop and the other just has to be the scorpion.......thank you, thank you, thank you. You share an amazing gift of empowerment and I love you so very much xxx
a deep sense of love
WOW, I would not have believed we could journey so far in such a short period of time. Fiona weaved me in and out and in and out of some very painful places and delivered me to the most beautiful realisations. I return constantly to that AMAZING feeling within - a deep sense of LOVE that I didn't even know I was lacking. For a few days afterwards I felt so strange, but now this beautiful strong feeling has embedded in me, I feel so much more peaceful and calmer. Huge relief, and so much love!
my own light language just exploded from me
I want to share with you the session I had with Fiona, and what a session it was. The message that came through blew me away and I felt every single word resonate through my entire being. I could feel the energy build and become stronger throughout the session until I could contain it no longer and my own light language just exploded from me with a huge force and I just let it flow. Afterwards I felt so expanded, completely empowered, aligned and in my true flow. Thank you so much Fiona, for stepping up and bringing forward your gifts. You emanated such a centred & peaceful stillness throughout the entire session and held my space beautifully with such humility, grace & authenticity and it was truly felt and appreciated. So much love & gratitude to you siStar I am very grateful that our paths have crossed, our session was uplifting and illuminating. I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful soul and her gifts. Fiona is wonderful and pure of heart''.
Cath Currier
This truly is a Life Changer for me
''I want to share my experience connecting to Fiona Paul for a one-on-one session with the Powerful and Loving Being RA - that she is channelling! Wow! - what an amazing session we had. I have never in my whole life been "seen" and accepted so clearly and lovingly by any person or entity! I felt the connection and the love so strongly - and started to remember this energy that I am so connected to.... What a beautiful gift to receive guidance and crystal-clear advice by a Being who pours out this amazing Love and looks into your Soul through Fiona's eyes! This truly is a Life Changer for me - and now I Know so much more about who and what I AM. Thank You RA and Fiona Paul. I AM forever Grateful to You both - for helping me to open up to the truth and essence of my own True Self ''.
Nina Michaelsen

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