What is Channelling?


First and foremost, we are All Channels, and we are All intuitive and connected to our Higher Selves.

Connecting to your Higher Self, the Angels, Animals and your guides is via your Intuition.

Make friends with your Intuition!

Intuition is our own personal inbuilt guiding system that we all have. It is here to guide us so that our life is smooth and effortless, assisting us to make the most appropriate decisions for US, not for anyone else, unless you are a mother caring for your children or another dependant and then your intuition will include what is right for them also.

Example: What to Eat – Every day you make the decision about what you want to eat. You think about the type of food and ‘FEEL’ within yourself if you would like to eat that certain food. The answer you ‘FEEL’ towards that food is you connecting to your intuition. You may get a strong No, but you have ‘FREE WILL’ and may override what your intuition is telling you and eat it anyway. The same is when someone offers you something sweet – your intuition maybe telling you no and you will actually ‘FEEL’ in conflict with yourself and haven an internal dialogue and then you choose whether to eat the sweet food or not.

Food is just one of the multiple times per day we connect to our intuition…what clothes to wear, what job to do, where to live, which route to take etc, etc…

Intuition is an amazing guiding system we All have!

The more Conscious and Aware of it you are, the more inner Peace and confidence you have. 

Angels Cloud_1a

This Angel appeared in the sky as I was taking photographs for this website.

We are Always receiving signs of guidance continually throughout our day.

A Natural Dialogue

We are all unique individuals and each one of us has come here with unique gifts to offer this world. Some people FEEL the desire to be a chef, a doctor, dentist, artist, writer and following their intuition, they flourish in these occupations. Some people’s unique gift is an already heightened intuition and it is impossible for them to not follow its guidance – this is Me. And they may not always follow the party line, so to speak. Often, we see things very differently, but have to follow our Truth and be the Wayshowers for others to follow theirs.

Following our Truth and exercising the Intuition muscle can lead us to become much more aware of Channelling. Channelling is what I would term as an extension of Intuition. You are still very much using your intuition but in a much more Expanded way.


Channelling is like intuition, but it is so much more. It combines other senses such as seeing visuals, hearing words, having information placed into your mind – this is called ‘All knowing’. The way I channel is a combination of being shown a visual which can be static or moving, I hear words and voices and I am given the knowledge of what the scene is telling me. I also know who it is that is giving me the information and the information is Always kind, loving, nurturing and for the Highest good of All involved. With my strong connection to animals, I often get given messages during a client session from the Lion Consciousness, or the Elephant Kingdom or Deer Collective, and also the Divine Angelic Realm. It can also be a past Loved one, there is no limitations when you are working in the Energetic Field of Infinite Intelligence often called ‘SOURCE’.

I believe at this time of great change on our planet that people are becoming more ‘Intune’ with their innate senses and are wishing to learn more about themselves. Myself, having been on this journey for nearly 20 years, I believe I am to be a guide to assist these people so they can understand what is opening up for them as they come out of the old paradigm of collective programming.

Every day I am continually aware and conscious of my surroundings – how I am feeling, interactions, signs, Knowledge, information etc… I am continually using my intuition and I ask for more information if I need it. Like anything, the more you use it the stronger it gets and the more experienced you become, until you realise it is a natural part of you that has always been there.

Channelling is a seamless dialogue between you and the multi-dimensional realms that we are all a part of.

Contact Fiona if you would like to learn how to channel – email: fionapaul444@gmail.com

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