Empowering you to reveal your inner Truth and Higher Wisdom

Empowering you to reveal your inner Truth and Higher Wisdom

A Channel for the Angelic Realms, Animal and Plant Kingdoms, and Infinite Source Intelligence 


About fiona

“Let the Beauty you see be the river of Joy dancing within…”

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

I believe you were intuitively guided here and I encourage you to stay open and listen to your Heart and your feelings whilst you explore what I offer.

First and foremost, I focus on my own TRUTH and AUTHENTICITY and then allow all things to flow from there. 

From a young age this core TRUTH and AUTHENTICITY had always been with me, and I believe it runs through us all, it has a Purity, a Compassion, a Love.

It allows what does not resonate to fall away and what does resonate to shine brighter and brighter – realigning you to your true authentic self.

In 2003, a beautiful Angel called Michael came to me and took me on a profound journey. His parting words were ‘’Always come from your Heart.’’ I later found out that Michael was an Archangel.


Guidance & Empowerment

The Sessions and Mentoring are very much directed towards your TRUTH and Empowerment. Each session is unique and is guided by my connection to the Universal Source Intelligence, Angelic Realms, and Animal and Plant Kingdoms.


Inspired Paintings

All of the animals I paint I have met personally in physical form or spirit form and it is their energy that directs the painting and how they wish to be portrayed. The paintings are energetically encoded by the energy of the animal etc. that can unlock codes within you to accelerate your life’s journey.


Your Beloved Animal

I offer you the opportunity to have your beloved animal painted by me.

Through photographs, I will connect energetically with your animal and paint him or her as they wish to be portrayed. The painting will have an element of similarity to your animal, but it will be painted as the animal directs.

Spread your Wings and Fly into Your World of Infinite Potentials ..... 

These two beautiful geese flew past at just the perfect moment for me to take this photograph at Keyhaven Nature Reserve, Lymington, UK.

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Love is the bridge between you and everything


A beautiful view out to sea with the Isle of Wight light house and the rocks called the Needles. I am standing on Hurst Spit at Key Haven Nature Reserve, Lymington UK

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