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“Let the Beauty you see be the river of Joy dancing within…”

Hello, I am Fiona Paul and I welcome you to my website.

I believe you were intuitively guided here and I encourage you to stay open and listen to your Heart and your feelings whilst you explore what I offer.

It is my belief that we are All DIVINE Beings able to connect to our inner Wisdom and Truth, so we can live a life Full of Love, Joy and Passion!

I am committed to living my Truth, my Wisdom and my Divinity, and in doing so my life has transformed into one of Love, Joy and exciting opportunities.

It is my passion and True Joy to guide others to the realisation of their own Divinity and discover the Truth that lies within. Knowing this Divinity and resonating at this frequency – ”The frequency of LOVE” connects you easily and effortlessly to your Higher Self and other higher levels of consciousness and guidance. Ultimately, you are connecting to Infinite Source Intelligence, where all is known.

Are you ready to know who you Truly Are?

To Live a Life full of Love and Joy and create the reality you really want for you?

Allow Me to guide you to your Freedom, Truth and Joy!

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Fiona's Lion Guide, painted by Fiona

SESSIONS with Fiona Paul

Guidance & Empowerment

The Sessions and Mentoring are very much directed towards your TRUTH and Empowerment. Each session is unique and is guided by my connection to the Universal Source Intelligence, Angelic Realms, and Animal and Plant Kingdoms.


Inspired Paintings

All of the animals I paint I have met personally in physical form or spirit form and it is their energy that directs the painting and how they wish to be portrayed. The paintings are energetically encoded by the frequency of the animal, these can activate codes within you to accelerate your life’s journey.

These two beautiful geese flew past at just the perfect moment for me to take this photograph at Keyhaven Nature Reserve, Lymington, UK.

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Channelled Art Collection

Feather_Fiona Paul
Lion Consciousness Fiona Paul Artist
Kimber Elephant Fiona Paul Artist

Love is the bridge between you and everything


A beautiful view out to sea with the Isle of Wight light house and the rocks called the Needles. I am standing on Hurst Spit at Key Haven Nature Reserve, Lymington UK

Fiona Paul © Copyright 2021. Created by PixiDesign.

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