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‘I am here for people to Transform… awakening their true Potential’

Hello, I am Fiona Paul

Transformational Coach
Energy Alchemist and Channel

As a transformational coach I offer a sacred space to fully support you on your journey. Aligning all aspects of your energy, conditioned programming, psyche and gifts to rapidly transform your life into abundance, manifestation, and your true potential.

For over 20 years I have been in close contact with Archangel Michael, Yeshua (Jesus) and many other high vibrational Beings. With this in mind, each session is unique as I bring through encoded high vibrational frequencies to aid your  ‘’Remembering’’ of the Truth of who you really are…

A DIVINE Human Being of Unlimited Potential!

We all hold a deep ‘Inner Knowing’ that there is so much more to us. 

The incredible energy, intuitive guidance and wisdom from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and many other Higher Beings of Love, aligns you with your Truth – the ‘Knowing of Thy Self’…

‘Knowing Thy Self’ raises your vibrational frequency into the flow of abundance

It is my passion to guide you to the Truth of who YOU really are – Empowering you to be the architect of your life.

Are you ready to know who you Truly Are?

… A Powerful Creator!

”My Divinely lead experience with Fiona Paul went far beyond my expectation. I was absolutely high on the experience, and I know I will never be the same.

Every inspired word that I received was what I wanted and needed to hear.

The Divine Angelic frequencies that she allowed to flow through her brought me the gifts of knowing that instead of seeking to create masterpieces through my artwork, it is that I AM the master piece that I am seeking!

I have repeatedly listened to the recording since the session and so feel the Truth, Energy and the frequencies that were expertly created.

I am so deeply appreciative of the magnificent gifts received! Thank you Fiona!”

Ellen USA

”My time with Fiona Paul was so powerful!”

I have been blessed with the opportunities to work with Fiona via zoom, and in person, and I can honestly say that the Divine energies she brings through are beyond what our limited vocabulary can described!

Fiona’s insight and wisdom have improved my life so much! 

She has taught me to love myself and to remember who I am. How to get back to love if I ever feel triggered, which is just so much less now.

I am certainly more confident and peaceful. Loving myself and really loving my life!

I am so grateful that Fiona came into my life and helped me to know my truth. Thank you, Fiona”

Monica USA

‘Yeshua’ channelled art by Fiona Paul

Transformational Coaching with Fiona Paul

Guidance & Empowerment

Transformational Coaching is very much directed towards your TRUTH and Empowerment. Each session is unique and is guided by my connection with the Angelic Realms, and Ascended Masters.

Channelled Art by Fiona Paul

Inspired Paintings

All of the animals I paint I have met personally in physical form or spirit form and it is their energy that directs the painting and how they wish to be portrayed. The paintings are energetically encoded by the frequency of the animal, these can activate codes within you to accelerate your life’s journey.

These two beautiful geese flew past at just the perfect moment for me to take this photograph at Keyhaven Nature Reserve, Lymington, UK.

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Love is the bridge between you and everything


A beautiful view out to sea with the Isle of Wight light house and the rocks called the Needles. I am standing on Hurst Spit at Key Haven Nature Reserve, Lymington UK

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